Nationwide EyeDetect Services: Ensuring Integrity in the Business World

EyeDetect Commercial Test Services

As a leading nationwide provider of EyeDetect Commercial Test services, we offer an innovative solution for integrity testing that covers the entire commercial landscape. EyeDetect’s cutting-edge technology provides rapid and accurate results, making it an essential tool for organizations committed to upholding the highest standards of honesty and reliability.

Pre-Employment Screening

The recruitment process is critical to ensuring the quality and integrity of your workforce. EyeDetect’s efficient testing method screens job applicants in just 30 minutes, with results ready in a mere 5 minutes. This service is invaluable for recruitment agencies and businesses alike, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring that only the most trustworthy candidates progress.

For companies managing their recruitment internally, EyeDetect simplifies the daunting task of reviewing numerous applications. It ensures that your shortlisted candidates are truthful about their backgrounds, significantly enhancing the hiring process’s effectiveness.

Childcare Services

The safety of children is of utmost importance in any childcare setting. EyeDetect offers an added layer of security for parents, schools, nurseries, and other childcare providers. Our integrity tests are designed to safeguard against the employment of unsuitable individuals, ensuring that only the most responsible and trustworthy people are entrusted with the care of children.

Security Services

Rapid and reliable screening is paramount in the security industry. EyeDetect provides a quicker alternative to traditional polygraph tests, delivering results almost immediately after a 30-minute assessment. This efficiency is crucial for security firms needing to make fast, informed hiring decisions.

Loss Prevention

With the rise of cyber fraud, data theft, and other security threats, protecting your assets is more important than ever. EyeDetect assists in building a loyal and honest workforce, essential for modern loss prevention strategies. It also serves as a quick investigative tool in cases of suspected internal theft or fraud.

Private Investigators

In the private investigation industry, the integrity of your staff directly impacts your reputation. EyeDetect helps ensure your employees have the necessary honesty and qualifications, maintaining your firm’s credibility. It’s also useful for obtaining swift verification in investigations where trustworthiness is questioned.


The legal profession relies on the accuracy and honesty of information from clients and witnesses. EyeDetect can save significant time and resources by screening for deception, allowing you to focus on cases with confidence in the integrity of the involved parties.

Nationwide Services

Our EyeDetect services extend across the nation, offering businesses and organizations of all sizes a reliable solution for integrity testing. Whether you’re in a major city or a remote location, our team is equipped to provide you with the support and technology you need to maintain a high standard of integrity within your workforce.

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For more information on how EyeDetect can benefit your organization or to request a quote, please contact us. Our dedicated team is ready to help you implement a comprehensive integrity testing program that meets your specific needs, wherever you are in the country.