At EyeDetect Test UK, we are proud to offer two distinct services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Understanding the differences in services and pricing structures is essential for choosing the solution that best fits your requirements. Here’s an overview of our services:

1. VerifEye Personal Integrity Tests

Our VerifEye tests are designed for private clients dealing with personal matters such as infidelity, theft, addiction, and more. These tests leverage advanced eye movement analysis technology to provide accurate and non-intrusive assessments. The VerifEye service is perfect for individuals seeking clarity on sensitive personal issues.

VerifEye™ stands as the pioneering mobile application globally, designed to empower both organizations and individuals with the capability to swiftly and accurately ascertain the truth regarding a person’s background, identity, creditworthiness, and various claims, all within approximately 10 minutes.

Current Test Pricing:

  • Infidelity Test: Now at £100, previously £150. This discreet self-administered test helps you uncover the truth regarding fidelity. The process involves two payments: £50 for test creation and £50 upon requesting results.
  • Couples Test: Priced at £200, offering a comprehensive solution for couples seeking clarity and trust. The cost is split into two instalments of £100 each, covering test setup and result retrieval.
  • Pornography Test: Reduced to £100 from £150. Designed to address concerns around pornography usage with a straightforward two-payment structure: £50 for initiating the test and another £50 for accessing the findings.
  • Alcohol Test: Now available for £100, down from £150. This test provides insights into alcohol usage, requiring two payments of £50 for test creation and results access.
  • Drug Test: Adjusted to £100, formerly £150. Aimed at identifying drug use issues, the fee is divided into two parts: £50 for test setup and £50 for result disclosure.
  • Gambling Test: Price cut to £100 from £150. It helps in assessing gambling behaviours with two payments: one for test creation and another for obtaining results, each costing £50.
  • Theft Test: Now £100, reduced from £150. This test aids in resolving theft suspicions with a two-step payment process: £50 for starting the test and £50 for the results.
  • Bespoke Test: Remains at £200, tailored to specific needs. The payment is split into £100 for test creation and £100 for results.
  • Couples Bespoke Test: Set at £250, this specialized test for couples involves a £100 payment for test setup and a £150 fee for accessing results.

Our commitment to affordability and transparency ensures that you have access to the tools you need to find peace of mind, with no hidden costs or surprises.

2. EyeDetect+ (Polygraph with Optical Scan)

EyeDetect+ is a groundbreaking innovation in lie detection, marking the first automated polygraph system in the world. This advanced system tracks and documents both ocular-motor and traditional physiological activities similar to a conventional polygraph, yet it operates in a less invasive manner. The entire testing and evaluation process is computer-automated, offering a speed that is double that of traditional polygraph methods. Moreover, EyeDetect+ boasts an impressive accuracy rate of 89-91%.

EyeDetect+ combines the traditional polygraph with cutting-edge optical scan technology, offering a hybrid solution for those requiring the utmost accuracy in lie detection. This service is ideal for more complex situations where higher assurance is needed, such as legal cases, corporate investigations, or sensitive personal matters.

EyeDetect+ Service Options:

  • Single Person Test: Priced at £595, this option is designed for individual assessments and includes a comprehensive pre-examination assessment, a test duration of up to 60 minutes, and a detailed written report on the findings. The service boasts an impressive 97-99% accuracy rate. A £150 non-refundable booking fee is required to secure your appointment.
  • 2 People / 1 Couple Test: For couples or two individuals willing to undergo the test together, this service is offered at £895. It includes all the features of the single person test, with the duration extending up to 60 minutes per individual. This option also includes a detailed report per person, ensuring privacy and accuracy. A £150 non-refundable booking fee per couple is required at booking.
  • Multiple / Group Test: Tailored for organizations or groups requiring the testing of three or more individuals, this service is priced at £395 per test. Each participant receives a full assessment and detailed report, with tests conducted consecutively to maintain a high standard of accuracy and confidentiality. A single £150 non-refundable booking fee is required for the group booking.

Our EyeDetect+ tests are administered by Converus accredited and licensed examiners in controlled office environments, ensuring a professional and secure setting for all parties involved. With EyeDetect+, you’re not just getting a test; you’re investing in peace of mind with state-of-the-art technology and expertise.

For more information or to book your EyeDetect+ test, please visit our online booking platform. Our simple, secure system ensures your appointment is confirmed with ease, and our team is ready to provide a free consultation to address any questions you may have.

Both our VerifEye and EyeDetect+ services are administered with the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality. Whether you are facing personal dilemmas or require a highly accurate lie detection service for complex issues, EyeDetect Test UK has a solution tailored to your needs. Our commitment to transparency ensures that there are no hidden costs, and our pricing is structured to provide clear, accessible options for everyone.


VerifEye Test Pricing: Transparent and Accessible Solutions

At EyeDetect Test UK, we’re dedicated to providing clear, straightforward pricing for our VerifEye Test services. Understanding the costs involved is crucial, and we believe in complete transparency to help you make informed decisions. Our tests offer a non-intrusive, reliable way to gain the insights you need, with pricing structured to accommodate various needs and circumstances.

Below is a detailed overview of our current pricing for the range of personal integrity tests available. Whether you’re seeking clarity on personal matters such as infidelity, substance use, or theft, we offer tailored solutions at competitive rates.


EyeDetect+ Pricing: Comprehensive Lie Detection Solutions

At EyeDetect Test UK, we prioritize clarity and transparency in all our interactions, especially when it comes to the pricing of our services. Our EyeDetect+ service combines the latest in polygraph technology with advanced optical scanning to offer an unparalleled level of accuracy in lie detection.

EyeDetect+ is a premium service that provides a detailed analysis of a subject’s credibility, utilizing a combination of physiological and eye movement measurements to deliver results you can trust. This service is ideal for situations that demand the highest standards of reliability and confidentiality.